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Legal Services

Construction Law

We provide detailed support in a way you may not be used to because we've been there as engineers before getting here as lawyers.

Business Law

Commercial trade is underpinned by law, whether domestic, foreign or international. With wide commercial experience, we can advise on the principles and details of law here at home and on many issues that arise in international trading.

Joint Ventures

Oceaness personnel have over the years been privileged to work in a variety of construction projects that have operated as formal joint ventures or where teams have worked so closely together that business differences have seemed imperceptible.

Contracts Administration

It is too late to put the paperwork in place after events leave you stranded. If you ever need to pursue a legal claim, only evidence, not reasonableness, will win you the argument ...

Project Control

We go beyond the limited capability and narrow vision of lawyers.
With many years’ experience in engineering project management, Oceaness is able to offer unrivalled guidance to bridge the technical challenges to the commercial needs and contracted agreements.