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Offshore Industry Contracting: Good Guidelines Overlooked

The offshore North Sea energy business constantly evolves, and has changed beyond recognition since my first job as a project engineer in the mid-1980’s. Many technological developments are highly visible, but the agreements created to deliver them have arguably moved backwards and do not unswervingly improve delivery objectives.

Dangers in Charitable Causes

Business generally does not exist in a world which ignores society and the needs of others. There will be exceptions, but most would agree that supporting charitable causes, whether in cash or kind, is a positive business activity on many levels.

Insurers; What honour amongst thieves?

Royal Sun Alliance (RSA) set up a highly resourced intermediary firm which created what were found to be fictitious invoices. Those invoices were presented to other insurers as genuine (which they were, but not in their reflection of actual work).

The National Health Service's Mistaken Target Culture

In 2008 Mid-Staffordshire NHS Trust won “Foundation” status as a top performing hospital. The Chief Executive, Directors and senior managers shared in the rewards of the achievement. To achieve this, the staff carried the burden of under-resourcing, old equipment and exploitation of their goodwill.

Technical capabilities of Olympus Optical catastrophically undermined by its business leaders

In September 2011 the respected optical group Olympus appointed their first non-Japanese President & CEO Michael Woodford. As he probed the company’s dealings he queried a number of substantial payments that he could not reconcile with gains to the company, and so found what now appears could be a massive cover-up of criminal proportions propagated over decades.


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