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Project Control

We go beyond the limited capability and narrow vision of lawyers.
With many years’ experience in engineering project management, Oceaness is able to offer unrivalled guidance to bridge the technical challenges to the commercial needs and contracted agreements.

Such insight stems from many hands-on successfully delivered engineering projects, where such success embrace with safety, schedule, economic profit and adapting to project needs or changing requirements.

We recognise that it may not be possible to fully define a project at the outset. Because of this, binding all sides into a rigid contract – whether of fixed requirements or total flexibility without cost effect – is not realistic or sensible.

Above all else, we are pragmatists; recognising that each side has its needs, so mediating between them to help you structure an agreement that will carry-through into a workable project and that can deliver on what all sides expect.

We not only prepare agreements but draw on many years’ experience in the day-to-day managerial operation of contracts. Such insight is used to lay the groundwork properly, to make agreements that serve the project delivery needs, and we go out of our way to limit the embellishments of most lawyers.