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Negotiation Support

Negotiations often involve legal representatives, whether internal contracts managers or external lawyers sometimes drafted-in specifically to raise the stakes or tactically to intimidate.

You know your business better than anyone, but sometimes having a lawyer beside you helps, ideally ahead of the negotiations, as well as when they take place face to face, and then afterward to see that the documents properly record your agreement. It is vitally important that the lawyer is involved to;

  • Correct what might be deliberately misleading or incomplete statements
  • Clarify the legal position if the other party suggests you are at fault
  • Advise you from experience, when commercial or negotiation tactics are being used against you
  • Carefully scrutinise the written words of an agreement; too often what is presented after a meeting does not truly reflect what you thought had been agreed

And it happens all too regularly so let's not be coy about the practise, the lawyer should also be there to defend you from intimidation and bullying. Those who instead use the lawyer for the purpose of intimidation & bullying, should be ashamed (but rarely are and will never admit to such behaviour).