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Interim Legal Counsel

A full-time In-House Legal Counsel often cannot be economically justified, but the need to "get the legal's right" is no less important.

We give you the hands-on use and services of qualified mature and experienced solicitors who've spent their careers in industry, embedded into your enterprise on a part-time or ad-hoc basis to best suit your situation.

In this way we not only perform the tasks of an in-house lawyer but also help you define and implement the internal processes that suit your business to protect you from commercial risks. We’re there beside you to contribute to the business task, not there to take part of a beauty parade of legal skills and pricy services.

When an assignment is completed, we remain available to support and advise you whenever events may take an unexpected turn, or to further improve and educate those who run or administer the business.

The work of the In-House Legal Counsel usually includes advising the Board and the firms’ management. Typical its scope will include;

  • Advising on all commercial agreements
  • Preparing new commercial agreements
  • Defining the scope and requirements for contract management
  • Advising on tendering documentation
  • Advising the Board on legal implications of management decisions
  • Supporting Company Secretarial duties
  • Guiding the management of litigation
  • Guiding the efforts of debt recovery

We’re also on hand to provide support throughout the negotiation process to help you identify and counter the risks, consider the best options, and help you devise a strategy of your own to put you in the best possible position. As well as doing the work, we can also advise and guide you on good contracts administration laying the necessary paper-trail to mitigate possible litigation.