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Construction Law

We provide detailed support in a way you may not be used to because we've been there as engineers before getting here as lawyers.

We work with all size of enterprise from major multi-nationals and plc's, to small private businesses. Whether you’re are the developer or the contractor, we’re able to help you create contracts that are effective, wherever you want to;

  • Deliver your project safely, on-time and on-budget
  • Minimise the delays and costs of avoidable disputes
  • Avoid the disruptive effects of petty, scurrilous or malicious claims
  • Accept that equitable rewards are due to those who provide services
  • Understand that risks should be placed where they are best minimised

Whether presented with a bespoke contract or a modified standard form such as NEC, FIDIC, MF, JCT or the like, we have extensive experience and expertise to highlight the pitfalls and help you reach a fair and equitable agreement.

Unlike some, often major legal practises, we do not condone the development and imposition of one-sided contracts, where all risks lie with the contractor and all options rest with the developer. We have witnessed at first hand the rising introduction of malicious contract structures, whether in response to market conditions or encouraged by those of an aggressive disposition. We have learnt that their negative effect is invariably counter-productive, undermining any project at the outset. Having promoted and embarked upon such a path, the leading promoter – whether an aggressive developer, surveyor or legal advisor – who has justified and promoted his approach as the way to offer “best value”, then has no option but to continue to defend it, regardless of the deteriorating economic benefits and often undermined quality of delivery.

The truth of best value does not rely on lowest tendered price and shifting of all risk further and further down the contracting chain. Instead it is better characterised by;

  • Mutual trust and co-operation amongst all parties
  • Fair and equitable pricing; not ripping-off the client and not grinding-down the contractor
  • Realistic timing assessments, established in good time, not through last-minute brinksmanship
  • Delivering on promises in timely fashion, not making excuses
  • Using intelligence to improve the project rather than to enhance one’s own strategic benefit